Azurite on Cat's Eye Malachite from Shilu Mine

Azurite on Cat's Eye Malachite from Shilu Mine

Dimension: 7.4cm x 7.5cm x 5.2cm

Weight: 289g

Locality: Shilu Mine, Yangchun Co., Yangjiang, Guangdong, China


An absolutely phenomenal museum grade Azurite on Malachite specimen from Shilu Mine in China!  Gem quality electric blue, highly crystallized Azurite aesthetically grown on a Cat's Eye Malachite matrix which display a bright, velvety sheen.  The bladed Azurite are exceedingly glassy and translucent creating a nice visual counterpoint.  Azurite of this finest quality are very difficult to find anywhere!  The Malachite exhibits two crystal habits - botryoidal and stalactite.  It is extremely chatoyant that have an incredible cat's eye appearance on the crystals.  While it looks great in the photos, it's even more spectacular in person as it shows cat's eyes when moving lighting while viewing.


Malachite of this kind is being called "The Cat's Eye Malachite" by the local Chinese.  The crystals in the center are a dark green color while the outer crystals are a brighter shade of green.  This is the kind of specimen that you won't see everyday as they are the most precious, rarest species of its kind.  Extremely bright, colorful and mesmerizing in person!