Blue Botryoidal Hemimorphite on Matrix from Wenshan Mine, China

Dimension: 3.3cm x 2.9cm x 2cm

Weight: 19g

Locality: Wenshan mine, Dulong ore field, Yunnan, China


Hemimorphite is known from literally hundreds of worldwide localities, and considering the fairly simple chemistry, the majority of these specimens are sadly white or colorless.  The Wenshan mine in China has produced some of the finest colour and quality Blue Hemimorphites specimens. 


In my experience, good blue Hemimorphites with a pearlsheen are difficult to find from any locality.  I purchased a small parcel of these beautiful specimens from my recent trip to China and all of the specimens in this lot are crystallized with an eye-catching pearlsheen blue colour which makes them very unique and special.

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