Pink Manganoan Calcite on Pyrite from Racracancha Mine, Peru

Dimension: 7.6cm x 7.1cm x 3.6cm

Weight: 265g

Locality: Racracancha Mine, Tinyahuarco District, Pasco Province, Pasco, Peru


A sculptural and impressive combination piece from this less well-known Peruvian mine.  Bladed, frosted, etched pastel-pink Calcite var. Manganoan rhombs aesthetically intergrown to form a beautiful layer of "foam" filling and covering a plate of Pyrite cubes.  The cubic Pyrite crystals are dramatically striated with a striking platinum-gold color and are exceedingly mirror-bright!  The imposing large cube is measuring 3.1cm x 2.9cm.  


The bit of noted edge and periphery wear is certainly only a modest detraction to this exceptional and very rare combination of the species and locale.  The light pink Manganoan Calcite crystals are stunningly neon fluorescence.  Similar specimens of this kind were valued at US$400-700 more than ten years ago and it is worth more today.  Impressive and collectible!


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