White Hexagonal Columnar Calcite with Black Scalenohedron Colour Zoning

Dimension: 6.1cm x 4.4cm x 3cm
Weight: 52g
Locality: Yongchun Co., Quanzhou prefecture, Fujian, China.  
A unique specimen of white hexagonal columnar calcite with black scalenohedron colour zoning from Fujian, China.  It is a two generation growth calcite where the inner black scalenohedron formed first, then the white hexagonal calcite covered the black crystal.  The Calcite fluoresces a bright pink under UV lighting (365 nm).
The reverse matrix side appears to have druzy quartz covering.  Specimen of this kind was first discovered in Nov 2017, it is a unique crystal habit for calcite only found in China, quite uncommon and the locals called it "panda calcite".
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