Vivid Blue Pentagonite on Stilbite Matrix from Wagholi Quarry, India

Dimension: 4.4cm x 3.4cm x 2cm

Weight: 30g

Locality: Wagholi Quarry, Wagholi, Pune District (Poonah District), Maharashtra, India


A stunning specimen featuring a breathtaking transparent vivid blue bladed Pentagonite crystal from Wagholi Quarry of India, a world renowed locale where top quality specimen of cavansite and pentagonite is found.  On a bed of extremely sparkly Stilbite crystals, the Pentagonite stands out like a star in the sky, so beautiful!


Due to expansion of localities around, mines in this area are almost on the verge of closing down.  Fine and undamaged specimen like this is very sort after as damages to the specimen has always occurred during mining process where explosives are used.

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