Stilbite with Epidote from Diamonkara, Mali

Stilbite with Epidote from Diamonkara, Mali

Dimension: 3.4cm x 3cm x 2.7cm

Weight: 24g

Locality: Diamonkara, Bendougou village (Bendoukou village; Benduko village), Arrondissement of Diakon (Diako), Bafoulabé Cercle, Kayes Region, Mali


Splendid miniature specimen featuring ball-shaped yellow Stilbite with olive-green Epidote from Diaboukara of Mali.  The spherical cluster of translucent Stilbite having the appearance of radiating out from the center, hosting a nicely contrasting well crystalized deep olive-green Epidote crystals.  This is from the same locality that has been producing the Epidote-Prehnite combinations.  In excellent to almost perfect condition, great color combination and lustre, a precious piece for connoisseur collectors!  I have 4 pieces in total, 2 have been sold and this is the 3rd piece left.  Comes with a high quality acrylic display box.