Spessartine Garnet on Smoky Quartz from Wushan Mine, China

Spessartine Garnet on Smoky Quartz from Wushan Mine, China

Dimension: 5cm x 2.1cm x 1.7cm

Weight: 22g

Locality: Wushan Mine, Tongbei, Yunxiao Co., Zhangzhou Prefecture, Fujian Province, China


A stunning specimen of vivid cinnamon-orange spessartines on smoky quartz from the famous Wushan Mine of China.  The gemmy garnets are richly sprinkled on ALL sides of the translucent smoky quartz, so lustrous and sparkly!  The garnets on the base has striking intense cinnamon-orange color while those smaller ones near the termination have a more yellowy color.  What a beautiful jewel specimen to have!


The first specimens of Chinese garnet associated with smoky quartz and feldspar appeared on the market in 1998.  After many years of plentiful specimens, this locality has pretty much been depleted and had been shut down by the Chinese government many years ago.  Spessartine Garnet Specimens from this locality are now one of the most sort after pieces in the world and will see price increases in multiples in the near future.