Shangaan Amethyst from Chibuku Mine, Zimbabwe

Shangaan Amethyst from Chibuku Mine, Zimbabwe

Dimension: 3.2cm x 2cm x 2cm

Weight: 10g / 50 carat

Locality: Chibuku Mine, Chiredzi Mining district (Hartley Mining District), Masvingo, Zimbabwe


From the Chibuku mine located in Zimbabwe near the border with Mozambique, this is a beautiful Shangaan Amethyst mined by the Shangaan tribal people.  I have recently acquired a distinctive lot of crystals which stands out from the usual Shangaan Amethyst as they are always dark in color and contain small, red hematite flake inclusions peppered throughout.  The clarity of this crystal is great and displays a pale purple and slightly smoky color.  It is highly lustrous and some of the prism faces are beautifully etched.


Healing Properties:


Shangaan Amethyst is known for its powerful protective abilities for our spiritual journeys and purification of the soul.  it activates our Crown Chakra and helps us connect with our dharma or higher purpose in life.