Seafoam Green Fluorite from Xianghuapu Mine, Hunan, China

Seafoam Green Fluorite from Xianghuapu Mine, Hunan, China

Dimension: 10.4cm x 8.6cm x 6.1cm

Weight: 602g

Locality: Xianghuapu Mine (Maiwan Mine), Xianghualing Sn-polymetallic ore field, Linwu Co., Chenzhou, Hunan, China


From a small find at Xianghuapu Mine of green Fluorite in 2013, only a few specimens had such an intense seafoam green color and quality.  The main crystal measures to a whopping 4.1cm x 4.1cm in size, phenomenal!  The Fluorite crystals are lustrous and translucent, the unique and rare intense seafoam green color is just lovely.  Seafoam green is dominant but within them there are growth phantoms that are white.  The crystals are richly presented on the display side of the piece and nicely piled up on a sparkly matrix due to micro Quartz crystals inclusions, so stunning!  I was sorry to see these beautiful Fluorite crystals disappear from the market over the past couple of years, they are just superb in terms of its color and great aesthetics.  The Fluorite displays a bright blue color under UV lighting 365nm.  This piece will certainly enhance any collection due to its beauty.  Comes with a high quality copper-wired display stand.


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Fluorite's Maintenance Advice:


Fluorite is extremely susceptible to sunlight, some colors fade slower than others, but they all fade under sunlight. The effect also happens under normal halogen light. Therefore keep Fluorite in a darker part of the home, away from direct sunlight unless it needs to be cleansed and charged. To cleanse and charge Fluorite, just pop it on a windowsill out of direct sunlight or even on a cloudy day for 10 minutes. If it doesn't feel like that is enough, you can use reiki or sound too.