Satyaloka Azeztulite with Rainbow Iridescence from South India

Satyaloka Azeztulite with Rainbow Iridescence from South India

Dimension: 6.7cm x 4.3cm x 4.4cm

Weight: 91g

Locality: Area near the Satyaloka Monastery, South India


This is a high quality, completely glass-clear Satyaloka Azeztulite Quartz Crystal with fantastic rainbow iridescence(!) gathered by the monks in the Satyaloka Monastery. I am lucky enough to have acquired a good lot of this recently because our good relationship with a monk master in Inner Mongolia whom has been so kind to introduce his good friend to us, who is also a monk in the Satyaloka Monastery.


Genuine and crystal clear Satyaloka Azeztulite Quartz Crystal is almost impossible to find now as they are very sort after by mineral lovers all over the world and supplies are so limited. I had once saw a crystal seller using Brazilian Quartz to fake Satyaloka Quartz but you can quickly tell the difference by the clarity and the edges - the fake ones are milky in color with perfectly polished sharp edges and corners. Genuine ones of a small piece can easily be sold at the price of US$130 to US$ 200 but I'm not ransacking my customers so I'm selling these beautiful guys at an extraordinary good price! It looks way more vibrant and beautiful in person than photos, the transparency and highly glassy surfaces are just too difficult to capture by camera.


Healing Properties:


The name Satyaloka means "place of truth", it was first discovered in South India near the Satyaloka Monastery which has been called "the crown chakra of the world". Satyaloka crystal opens the crown chakra with a tremendous flow of pure White Light energy. It acts as a powerful purification stone which clears all bad and negative energy in the room or for the owner.