Sakura Agate Crystal Wand from Madagascar

Sakura Agate Crystal Wand from Madagascar

Dimension: 7.1cm x 2.2cm 2.2cm

Weight: 45g

Locality: Madagascar


This is a high quality, hand-polished Sakura Agate Crystal Wand from Madagascar.  It exhibits gorgeous colors and beautiful patterns.  This is a custom selected piece from a wholesale lot of 300kg.  Sakura Agate (also called Cherry Blossom Agate) display beautiful floral patterns resembling the Japanese sakura.  Gas cavaties or mineral intergrowths within the crystal are a common feature of Sakura Agate.


Healing Properties:


Sakura Agate is a stone of joy and it is all about reviving your zest for life.  It has a gentle, and nourishing energy resembling a field of flowers.  It can also protect the owner from fears and self-doubts.