Rhodochrosite with Fluorite, Pyrite, Sphalerite from Wutong Mine

Dimension: 8.8cm x 5.4cm x 3cm

Weight: 194g

Locality: Wutong Mine, Liubao, Cangwu Co., Wuzhou Prefecture, Guangxi Province, China


Unusually large Rhodochrosite crystal with a very vivid watermelon pink to red color.  It is rhombohedral, flattened and has very well marked parallel polycrystalline growths.  A good sample for the museum.  Attached to a group of minerals on the side, which contains green Fluorite, brassy-gold Pyrite and jet black Sphalerite, it is lustrous and gemmy, a fine specimen for connoisseur collectors!  The contrast of the red against the dark Sphalerite makes it even better.  The aesthetics, size and combinations are outstanding!



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