Red Stilbite Mineral Specimen from Savada, Maharashtra, India

Red Stilbite Mineral Specimen from Savada, Maharashtra, India

Dimension: 13.6cm x 10.1cm x 8.2cm

Weight: 316g

Locality: Savada, Dharangaon Taluka, Jalgaon District, Maharashtra, India


This important large cabinet specimen measuring 13.6cm across is considered to be one of the finest Indian Stilbite specimens that was excavated in around May 2020 in Savada, Maharashtra, India.  The creamy white “bowtie” shaped Stilbite are partially coated with striking bright red iron oxides, which creates a distinctive coloration and adds further beauty to the piece.  Stilbite may be included or tinted with several iron oxides that can color the crystals in orange, red, black and brown, this is for sure a textbook example and museum quality of the red category.  It is pristine, aesthetic, truly red and complete-all-around, the photos don't do its justice as the beautiful shinny lustre cannot be captured by cameras.  Comes with a high quality copper wired display stand as pictured.


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