Rare Sky Blue Gibbsite on Matrix Specimen

Rare Sky Blue Gibbsite on Matrix Specimen

SKU: HG2632

Dimension: 5.9cm x 4.1cm x 1.8cm

Weight: 19g

Locality: Laochang ore field (Laochang Mine), Gejiu Sn-polymetallic ore field, Gejiu Co., Honghe, Yunnan, China


This is an amazing bright sky blue Gibbsite waves on matrix.  Very aesthetic and Gibbsite itself are very rare.  Like clouds in the blue sky!


Gibbsite was first discovered in 1820 by Chester Dewey (1784-1867) of Williams College, Massachusetts. It was first thought to be Wavellite, but a year later it was determined to be a separate mineral species and was subsequently named Hydrargillite. It was then renamed Gibbsite in 1822 by John Torrey (1796-1873) in honor of George Gibbs (1776-1833) of New Haven, a noted mineralogist whose important collection was acquired by Yale University.


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