Rare Red Calcite from Daye Copper Mine

Rare Red Calcite from Daye Copper Mine

Dimension: 14.3cm x 14.1cm x 7cm

Weight: 1485g

Locality: Tonglushan Mine, Daye Co., Huangshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, China


A large cabinet specimen featuring sharp, lustrous, bi-colored (white and pinkish-red) Calcite crystals perched on a matrix from the world-renowned Daye Copper Mine.  This was bought by my father in around 1975, no doubts it's a museum quality piece with excellent color contrast displaying pinkish-red Hematite coloration in the center.  Calcite from the Daye Mine usually exhibits scalenohedron crystal habit but a few Calcite specimens like this piece were discovered when the mine was first found.  Very attractive and well balanced display quality specimen, the finest and the rarest of all!