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    Rare Mongolian Chlorite Included Sceptered Dipyramid Quartz Cluster with Feldspa

    SKU: HMCQ2185

    Dimension: 5.9cm x 4.8cm x 4.7cm

    Weight: 85g

    Locality: Huanggang Mine, Hexigten Banner, Ulanhad League, Inner Mongolia, China


    An aesthetic cluster of Bi-Pyramidal Quartz Scepters which exhibits high transparency and breathtaking finely detailed chiseled etching, a typical characteristic of Mongolian quartz.  Every quartz crystal termination on this very aesthetic and striking specimen is a Sceptered Dipyramid, even the tiny crystals.  These came from a small pocket find in 2012 and were soon disappeared from the market. 


    The scepters are transparent, highly lustrous and are coated-with and included-with greenish Chlorite.  Scattered white Feldspar and Magnetite crystals are a nice accent. A very rare type of quartz from this locale as Mongolian quartz are usually Hedenbergite included.  This reminds me of the Chlorite included quartz from the Himalayan Mountains range.