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    Rare Mongolian Bi-color Fluorite and Quartz Cluster

    SKU: HMF31949

    Dimension: 8cm x 7.7cm x 6.3cm

    Weight: 319g

    Locality: Huanggang Mine, Keshiketeng Co., Chifeng Prefecture, Inner Mongolia, China


    This is one of the coolest specimen I've ever seen of this type! It features several translucent and gemmy quartz crystal partially enclosed in a big mound of green fluorite cubes with a rare 2nd generation growth - the red colored fluorite.  The fluorite crystals are translucent with beautiful green color.


    The quartz is also comprised of two generations - a core of clear quartz crystal is overgrown by a generation of sparkly translucent quartz with a myriad of crystal faces due to micro inclusions of other minerals. These are called pseudomorph crystals and is quite a unique and representative characteristics of Mongolian Quartz.