Rainbow Elestial Amethyst Smoky Quartz Crystal from Madagascar


Dimension: 7.3cm x 6.1cm x 4cm

Weight: 151g

Locality: Madagascar, Africa


A magnificent Elestial Amethyst Quartz with Rainbow light trapped inside the crystal.  The complex skeletal elestial formation is phenomenal with beautiful purple-color-tipped terminations and medium smoky color.  The quartz crystal is translucent and highly lustrous.


Healing Properties:


Elestial Amethyst Quartz brings the energies of Elestial Quartz and Amethyst together in one stone. They have an extremely high vibration and are powerful stones to aid your spiritual growth. These crystals are attuned to the vibration of the higher spiritual realms and allow you to receive an infusion of the love and light from the higher realms at a comfortable frequency.

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