Quartz var. Amethyst with Goethite and Hematite from Madagascar

Dimension: 7.8cm x 4.8cm x 2.8cm

Weight: 71g

Locality: Andilamena Quartz Quarries, Andranotokana Massif, Andilamena, Alaotra-Mangoro, Madagascar


A spectacular Quartz var. Amethyst specimen from Andilamena Quartz Quarries, Andranotokana Massif, Andilamena, Alaotra-Mangoro, Madagascar!  A translucent single terminated Smoky Quartz crystal measuring 7.8cm in length, hosting several secondary generation growths of DT Amethyst Smoky Quartz Crystals.  The Goethite and Hematite inclusions can clearly be seen and it shows nicely all around 360 degrees.  An extraordinary piece!

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