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    Tabular Faden Quartz from Pakistan

    Dimension: 8.3cm x 8cm x 6.5cm

    Weight: 222g

    Locality: Tole, Wana, South Waziristan, Pakistan


    Outstanding piece of superb Tabular Faden Quartz Crystals Cluster from Pakistan.  The crystals are in excellent condition, and the largest one is a full 8 cm in size.  The photos are good, but the bright, gemmy aesthetics are even better in person.  Large specimen of faden quartz are very uncommon and this piece displays much better than the typical clusters from this locality.


    Healing Properties:


    Faden Quartz Crystal is a crystal of “connection.”  It supports the connective forces between self and a chosen recipient.  Some people use it as a tool for astral travel and the exploration of parallel dimensions of one’s reality.  The “thread” found within the Faden Quartz Crystal is said to represent the “silver cord” that attaches to the subtle body to the physical during out of body experiences.  Overall, Faden Quartz Crystal enhances self-healing and provides a direction for personal growth, the integration of fragmented soul parts, and balances emotional stability.