Pyrite and Dolomite from Shangbao Mine, China

Pyrite and Dolomite from Shangbao Mine, China

Dimension: 3cm x 3cm x 2.6cm

Weight: 86g

Locality: Shangbao Mine, Leiyang Co., Hengyang, Hunan, China


Shangbao Mine is renowned for its world-class Phantom Fluorite but Pyrite from this locale also plays an important role in the mineral collecting world.  This is an excellent Pyrite cube that is mirror-bright, naturally etched and in an eye-catching brassy platinum gold color.  Some smaller Pyrite crystal aggregates give off a stunning glistening effect in light, embedded in the larger Pyrite cube which exhibit fascinating penetration twinning.  A patch of grainy crystals of Dolomite in orange color adds real pizzazz to the piece, so stunning!  This is a particularly impressive single terminated crystal of Pyrite for the locale and the species.  Comes with a high quality acrylic display case.