Precious Yellow Beryl var. Goshenite on Muscovite from Mt. Xuebaoding

SKU: HBG6382

Dimension: 6.3cm x 4.3cm x 2.8cm

Weight: 63g

Locality: Pingwu beryl mine, Huya township, Xuebaoding Mountain, Pingwu Co., Sichuan Province, China


An outstanding specimen of gem Beryl var. Goshenite decorated beautifully by Muscovite flowers in champagne gold colour from Mt. Xuebaoding, China.  The yellow variety of the Beryl is much rarer than the blue one Aquamarine.  It displays transparent to translucent, gemmy Goshenite crystals to 3 cm in length.  They are strongly lustrous and perfectly terminated tabular crystals.  The two main crystals grow one atop another on 90 degree which gives very three dimensional display.  If you look closely at this specimen you can also see a clear Beryl crystal embedded on the side of the muscovite. 


Goshenite is one of the rarer types of beryl and this is a very fine example, not often available.  The specimen has beautiful stand all over 360 degree and in superb condition!

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