Petrified Wood Slab from Mahajanga Province (Majunga), Madagascar

Petrified Wood Slab from Mahajanga Province (Majunga), Madagascar

Dimension: 12cm x 10.3cm x 1.8cm

Weight: 378g

Locality: Mahajanga Province (Majunga), Madagascar


A beautiful hand-polished tree slice of Petrified Wood from Mahajanga Province (Majunga), Madagascar, comes with a display stand as pictured.  Petrified Wood (also called Fossilized Wood) from Madagascar is especially aesthetic, as the internal structure of the original tree can always be seen.  The area around Mahajanga (Majunga) is known for colorful Petrified Wood that was deposited during the Triassic period, approximately 220 million years ago.


Petrified Wood is a type of fossil wood where the organic materials have been replaced by Agate or Chalcedony (Cryptocrystalline Quartz), but sometimes by Opal, Coal, Pyrite, Calcite or others).  The green and red colors are usually caused by iron, where chromium is the dominant colorant for bright green Petrified Wood.  The complex patterns and colors result from progressive nature of fossilization process, which causes the wood to have varying degrees of permeability during successive episodes of permineralization.