Natural Glass var. Snowflake Obsidian from Department of Caldas, Columbia

Natural Glass var. Snowflake Obsidian from Department of Caldas, Columbia

Dimension: 13.8cm x 9.3cm x 6.3cm

Weight: 902g

Locality: Department of Caldas, Columbia


Introducing a lab CERTIFIED, rare and mesmerizing Natural Glass var. Snowflake Obsidian mined in the volcanic district of the Department of Caldas in Columbia.  This beautiful large cabinet Obsidian has seeming natural conchoidal fracture and vitreous luster.  The specimen exhibits an eye-catching blue and green colors and white “balls” of Phenocryst.  It is completely transparent, exceptional!  Comes with a high quality copper-wired display stand and a certificate of authenticity as pictured. 


I’d been lucky to have acquired one lot of these gorgeous natural glasses back in 2019, it came in different colors and transparency but only a few display dramatic inclusions like this piece.  Every single piece has been sent to the mineral testing center of the PR China Land & Resources Ministry to certify for its authenticity so they are guaranteed to be 100% natural.


Snowflake Obsidian is a variation of Obsidian and is formed by rapid colling of viscous lava from volcanoes, with white patches embedded in the glass called Phenocryst.  These amorphous volcanic glasses are usually black to grey-black in colors.  It also occurs as red, brown-green, green, yellow, orange, and rare transparent colorless.  The transparency is commonly opaque but some are found completely transparent.   Air bubbles are sometimes imparted in the course of magma flow.