Malachite with Goethite from Daye Copper Mine, China

Malachite with Goethite from Daye Copper Mine, China

Dimension: 15.5cm x 11.1cm x 5.2cm

Weight: 676g

Locality: Tonglushan Mine, Daye Co., Huangshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, China


This is a legendary Daye Copper Mine’s Malachite specimen acquired by my father in around 1985 from a miner whom has already retired.  Malachite from this locality is known to be a treasure around the world and is very sought after by investors and mineral collectors.  Due to its scarcity and limited production not everyone gets to see them often.  I only have a few to offer and this is the best piece of all. 


Dozens of rounded botryoidal shimmering Malachite crystals in a really attractive forest-green color interlinked to form this piece of art.  It is so 3-dimensional and sculptural, magnificent!  This old-time large cabinet specimen is measuring 15.5cm across and the condition is almost perfect.  A small dusting of Goethite microcrystals rests atop some surfaces, adding real pizzazz to the piece.  The photos do not do a good job portraying just how dramatic and appealing the aesthetics are, it is much more beautiful in person!  The biggest and best, most intensely colored – an impressive museum quality specimen.  Comes with a high quality, extra large copper-wired display stand as pictured.