Large Twin Amethyst Var. Auralite 23 from Thunder Bay, Canada

Large Twin Amethyst Var. Auralite 23 from Thunder Bay, Canada

SKU: HAQ3981

Dimension: 10cm x 6.3cm x 5.8cm

Weight: 249g

Locality: Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada


A beautiful large specimen of Auralite 23 Twin Amethyst crystal from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. It is estimated to be around 1.2 billion years old and it can contain up to 23 different minerals. However, on average each piece of Auralite has between 3 to 11 different minerals - Amethyst, Citrine, rare Green Quartz, Clear/White Quartz, Hematite, Iron, Magnetite, Ajoite, Cacoxenite, Titanite, Lepidocrosite.  Auralite 23 is a rare crystal and this piece has a reddish-orange to reddish-brown cap which makes it a valuable specimen.  The layers of this Auralite 23 Amethyst is very well-defined and highly visible with great luster.


Healing Properties:


Auralite 23 is sometimes called Kindred Spirit Crystal due to its high frequency and abundance of healing properties, some of which are listed below:



Enhances concentration and mental abilities. Brings good fortune, increases knowledge.



Spiritual cleansing, regeneration, aligns with the divine (6th & 7th chakras).



Emotional healing, love and empathy, soul retrieval, inspiration (4th chakra).



Love, healing, emotional support, goddess and angelic communication (4, 5, 6, 7 chakras).



Grounding, manifestation, harmonizes mind, body spirit (1st chakra).



Alignment, grounding balance polarity, awaken potentials (all chakras).


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