Large Blue Apatite Crystal Tower from Brazil

Large Blue Apatite Crystal Tower from Brazil

Dimension: 9.4cm x 2.9cm x 2.5cm

Weight: 115g

Locality: Brazil


Apatite is not only considered a crystal but gemstone material and it is very much an insider gemstone collector's secret quite unknown to the general public. Their beautiful electrifying shades of neon blue are often confused with the Paraiba Tourmaline. This is a high quality handpicked piece from a wholesale lot of around 300kg. The color is a gorgeous and eye-catching rich blue.  Apatite was first discovered in 1786 by A.G. Werner, but the name came from the Greek word meaning “to deceive” because of its chameleonic ability to look very much like other crystals (e.g. Tourmaline).


Healing Properties:


Blue Apatite is a powerful crystal for clearing up confusion and allowing you to achieve your goals. It is a perfect match for those seeking new beginnings, either personally or professionally. Blue Apatite can also reawake unconditional love for yourself and others, especially when paired with Rhodonite or Rose Quartz.