Jet Black Andradite Garnet and Quartz Coated Fluorite from Inner Mongolia

Dimension: 7cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm

Weight: 340g

Locality: Huanggang Fe-Sn deposit, Hexigten Banner (Keshiketeng Co.), Ulanhad League (Chifeng Prefecture), Inner Mongolia, China


A truly rare and unique specimen which exhibits a complicated and yet aesthetic combination of three types of crystals .  Deep purple translucent fluorite (the core) are topped by a layer of quartz crystals, which, in turn, appear to have another layer of jet black andradite garnet crystals on top.  The exposed surface on the base shows the translucent nature of the core fluorite.


Fluorite's Maintenance Advice:


Fluorite is extremely susceptible to sunlight, some colours fade slower than others, but they all fade under sunlight. The effect also happens under normal halogen light. Therefore keep Fluorite in a darker part of the home, away from direct sunlight unless it needs to be cleansed and charged. To cleanse and charge Fluorite, just pop it on a windowsill out of direct sunlight or even on a cloudy day for 10 minutes. If it doesn't feel like that is enough, you can use reiki or sound too.

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