Himalayan Quartz Cluster from Tibet

Himalayan Quartz Cluster from Tibet

Dimension: 8.1cm x 6cm x 4.6cm

Weight: 139g

Locality: Himalayan Mountain Region (closed to The Nepal-Tibet Border), Xigaze City, Tibet, China


A precious, beautiful and glass clear quartz crystal cluster came from the Great Himalayas closed to the Nepal-Tibet border in Tibet, China.  Nepal Himalayas, east-central section and highest part of the Himalayan mountain ranges in south-central Asia, extending some 800 km from the Kali River east to the Tista River.  The range occupies most of Nepal and extends into the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and Sikkimstate in India.  The Nepal-Tibet border (also called The Great Himalayas) roughly follows the line of the highest part of the range, featuring several of the world’s highest peaks including the famous Everest.


Healing Properties:


Himalayan quartz crystals have a beautiful pure energy and vibration.  They help one keep calm under pressure, and serene through the storms encountered in life.  It also help with keeping a positive disposition and as a result help one to shield themselves from negativity.


Quartz from this region strongly amplify and radiate positive joyous uplifting energy!  They are fantastic to use for meditation sessions.