Green Fuchsite Included Phantom Quartz Crystals Cluster from Madagascar

Dimension: 9cm x 5.6cm x 5cm

Weight: 147g

Locality: Iovitra Mine, Fianarantsoa, Madagascar, Africa


An exceptional good cabinet sized Fuchsite Included Quartz specimen from Iovitra Mine, Itremo, Fianarantsoa Province, Madagascar.  Very aesthetic and a top quality collector's peice due to its supreme lustre, intense mint-green color, size and transparency.  Phantoms of "Green Mountains" are exquisitely displayed in some of the Quartz Points, outstanding!


Healing Properties:


Green Fuchsite brings the emotional and physical body into balance.  It is constantly seeking to balance and rejuvenate.  Fuchsite helps one stand back from situations and gain balanced and non-biased insights into any circumstances.

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