Green Fluorite with Calcite from Xianghuapu Mine

Green Fluorite with Calcite from Xianghuapu Mine

Dimension: 4.7cm x 4cm x 3.6cm

Weight: 69g

Locality: Xianghuapu Mine, Xianghualing Sn-polymetallic ore field, Linwu Co., Chenzhou Prefecture, Hunan Province, China


A new limited find of the gemmy, transparent to translucent Green Fluorite specimen that came out of the Xianghuapu Mine in October 2020.  This cluster of intergrown Fluorite crystals has all the hallmarks of this find - great green color and luster with sharp edges and corners. The color shows a slightly yellow-green under yellow light and a beautiful medium apple-green under white light. The white Calcite “petals” dusted the Fluorite in places, creating a “snow” effect.  Aesthetic and complete all around.  A high quality acrylic display box is included in the price.


"Xianghuapu" represents fields of scented flowers in Chinese.  We are all very excited about this special new find because of the wider range of colorations and aesthetical mineral combinations where Calcite “petals” and botryoidal Quartz intergrown are observed.


Fluorite's Maintenance Advice:


Fluorite is extremely susceptible to sunlight, some colours fade slower than others, but they all fade under sunlight. The effect also happens under normal halogen light. Therefore keep Fluorite in a darker part of the home, away from direct sunlight unless it needs to be cleansed and charged. To cleanse and charge Fluorite, just pop it on a windowsill out of direct sunlight or even on a cloudy day for 10 minutes. If it doesn't feel like that is enough, you can use reiki or sound too.