Gibbsite and Azurite from Yangwan Cu Deposit, Yunnan, China

Gibbsite and Azurite from Yangwan Cu Deposit, Yunnan, China

Dimension: 5.9cm x 3.8cm x 0.8cm

Weight: 12g

Locality: Yangwan Cu deposit, Malipo Co., Wenshan, Yunnan, China


An eye-catching Gibbsite and Azurite combo piece from the January 2021 small find discovered in the Yangwan Cu deposit in Wenshan Mine, China.  This is by far the best Gibbsite we’ve seen from China in terms of colors and mineralization.  The piece displays a striking myriad of botryoidal Gibbsite aggregates in a vivid sky blue color.  Some highly crystalized Azurite crystals in a juicy royal blue color can be observed on both sides of the piece, adding uniqueness and aesthetics, mesmerizing!  Comes with a high quality copper-wired display stand.


The vein-type and stratified Copper deposit of the Yangwan ore field in Malipo County, Yunnan is one of the few mineral deposits in the world which was formed during Middle Triassic (about 247 million to 235 million years ago).  It is located in the eastern part of the famous Wenshan Prefecture (Wenshan Mine) where world class blue Hemimorphite and Gibbsite specimens are found.