Galena from Aouli, Mibladen, Morocco

Galena from Aouli, Mibladen, Morocco

Dimension: 2.5cm x 2.2cm x 1.1cm

Weight: 30g / 150 carat

Locality: Aouli, Mibladen, Aït Oufella Caïdat, Midelt Cercle, Midelt Province, Drâa-Tafilalet Region, Morocco


A shinny Galena miniature specimen from Aouli, Mibladen of Morocco.  Single terminated Galena crystal like this one is uncommon from this locale.  The metallic, mirror-bright Galena cube exhibits breathtaking, complex stepped growth.  It is partially studded with tiny orange Cerussite crystals, outstanding!  Comes with a high quality acrylic display box.