Fenster Quartz with Clay Inclusions from Namibia

Fenster Quartz with Clay Inclusions from Namibia


Dimension: 5cm x 2.5cm x 1.6cm

Weight: 21g

Locality: Erongo Mountains, Usakos Area, Erongo Region, The Republic of Namibia


This crystal comes from the Erongo Mountains near Usakos.  Namibia is famous for its Brandberg Amethyst Crystal but most come from the Brandberg region's Goboboseb mountains which are made out of basalt.  Skeletal Quartz crystals are sometimes called "Fenster" (German word for window), due to the fact that the pyramidal and prism faces have a skeletal form which gives them the appearance of a window.  The prism faces of this specimen are not clearly shown but it makes it such a unique piece for the collectors! The brownish to reddish colored inclusions are some kind of pocket clay that was frozen inside the Quartz as it was crystallizing.  Where there are no inclusions, the Quartz crystals are glass-clear and have glassy surfaces. It is so beautiful when it is backlit due to its high transparency.


Healing Properties:


The high vibrational energy of Fenster Quartz connects to all the chakras and allows one’s energy fields to be brought into balance.  It helps one connect to the higher dimensions to bring forth information and guidance.  The energy of Fenster Quartz are also said to allow one to acknowledge and release emotions that can trigger addictive behaviour.