Fenster Quartz Specimen from Erongo Mountains, Namibia

Fenster Quartz Specimen from Erongo Mountains, Namibia

Dimension: 4.3cm x 2.3cm x 1.7cm

Weight: 20g / 100 carat

Locality: Erongo Mountains, Usakos Area, Erongo Region, The Republic of Namibia


Acquired in late 2017, this is a rather rare, doubly terminated Fenster Quartz specimen came from the Erongo Mountains near Usakos.  Namibia is famous for its Brandberg Amethyst Crystal but most come from the Brandberg region's Goboboseb mountains which are made out of basalt.  It is exceedingly transparent, when you hold this up to a light source and look through the gorgeous inclusions inside the Quartz, it is very beautiful and fascinating!


Fenster Quartz from Namibia has disappeared in the market for years since the one-time discovery in 2017/18, and Covid has disrupted mining operations in Namibia completely.  We have not seen specimens from this country for over a year now and the price of Brandberg Amethyst has gone up by 150% already.  I really miss those pretty specimens from this exotic country and hopefully we'll be seeing them again soon!