Extremely Rare Quartz var. Amethyst Crystal Scepters in Reddish-Purple Colour fr


Dimension: 8.8cm x 4.4cm x 2.6cm

Weight: 99g

Locality:  Huanggang Mine, Keshiketeng Co., Chifeng Prefecture, Inner Mongolia, China


An extremely rare and unseen group of lustrous, reddish-purple Quartz var. Amethyst Crystal Scepters with very-well-defined polycrystalline surfaces, with the tapered, spindle shape typical of specimens from this locality famous for producing Hendenbergite-included quartz.  Some faces on the back are preferentially coated with microcrystalline sugary Quartz. 


These Quartz var. Amethyst crystals are perfectly terminated and they are mostly transparent.  What sets this specimen apart are the purple, amethystine phantoms visible on all faces of the crystals.  I have never seen something similar before and this is the only one piece I have acquired from my last trip to China.

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