Collector's Piece: Epidote and Pinkish Purple Amethyst from Meigu Co.

Dimension: 7.6cm x 7.5cm x 3.2cm

Weight: 116g

Locality: Hongquizhen quarry, Meigu Co., Liangshan, Sichuan Province, China


Here comes an extremely rare piece of Epidote and Quartz var. Amethyst from Meigu Co in China. The deep green Epidote crystals are sharp and exceedingly lustrous and very sparkly.  Some are partially-to-fully included within the Quartz var. Amethyst crystals and is visible from all angles due to its high transparency.  Percentage of fine specimens was not high from this locale, as they are really beautiful combination-pieces but most were badly damaged.  My father acquired a small lot of choice specimens around 10 years ago and this is one of the best pieces.  The Hematite tinted pinkish-purple color is very rare and unique, it is way more beautiful in person than photos and video.  Check out the video:

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