Epidote from Rosario Mabel Claim, Peru

Epidote from Rosario Mabel Claim, Peru

Dimension: 3.8cm x 3cm x 1.9cm

Weight: 11g

Locality: Rosario Mabel Claim, Pampa Blanca District, Castrovirreyna Province, Huancavelica Region, Peru


A gorgeous specimen featuring three attached sprays of deep green Epidote crystals from Rosario Mabel Claim, Pampa Blanca, Peru.  From a limited small pocket find that was discovered in around 1995-1996, the divergent spray of "fanlike" Epidote crystals are highly lustrous, with elongated prismatic shape and bright pyramidal terminations.


Besides the "fanlike" crystal habit, the Rosario Mabel mineral always carry a deep green color that is sometimes mistaken for black.  They are often found in associated with Quartz similar to those from Meigu Co. of Yunnan, China, they are unique enough to be easily identified as to mineral species and locality.