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    Enlongated Scalenohedral Calcite Crystals on Druzy Quartz Matrix Specimen

    SKU: HC113

    Dimension: 11.4cm x 11cm x 6.2cm

    Weight: 674g

    Locality: Daqiutou Mine, Yongchun Co., Quanzhou, Fujian, Chin


    A similar piece was shown as a novelty at Tucson show 2018.  But this specimen is even better than what was displayed in the show.


    This beautiful sparkling specimen has strongly elongated scalenohedral calcite crystals with pinacoidal terminations.  They are bright, have fine oriented growth striations, are rich with inclusions and are on a sparking silvery white quartz matrix.


    This is definitely one of a kind and a winning specimen for connoisseur collectors!