Enhydro DT Rainbow Skeletal Elestial Quartz Scepter / Fenster Quartz Crystal Sce

Dimension: 6.3cm x 3.6cm x 3.1cm

Weight: 62g

Locality: Jinkouhe Mine, Sichuan Province, China


A stunning double terminated quartz scepter carefully hand mined by local villagers from Sichuan, China. It is glass-clear with beautiful rainbows and light glowing refraction.  There are some internal chambers within the crystal along with a couple of internal skeletal windows within the faces.  This crystal is packed with stationary enhydro bubbles within the internal chambers at both terminations of the scepter.


Beautifully imbued with remarkable clay phantoms that was frozen inside the quartz as it was crystallizing, it has loads to see when you hold this up to a light source and look through it, impressive and fascinating!


Due to the fact that the pyramidal and prism faces have a skeletal form which gives them the appearance of a window, they are also called "Fenster" (German word for window) and are often double terminated or presented in scepter forms.

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