Enhydro Brandberg Amethyst Var. Fenster Quartz Scepter from Namibia

Enhydro Brandberg Amethyst Var. Fenster Quartz Scepter from Namibia

Dimension: 5.1cm x 3cm x 1.6cm

Weight: 38g

Locality: Tafelkop, Goboboseb Mountains Region, Brandberg Area, Dâures, Erongo, Namibia


An stunning Double Terminated Enhydro Brandberg Amethyst Var. Fenster Quartz Crystal Scepter mined by hand nearby Goboboseb Mountains in the Brandberg area of Namibia.    An Enhydro is a crystal that contains drops of water or other liquids suspended in enclosed small bubbles.  If the Enhydro bubble moves it is called an Enhydro Runner (this is not an Enhydro Runner).  The ancient geology of this part of Namibia (the oldest desert on earth for more than 55 million years) indicates that Brandberg Enhydro Crystals contain water around 120 million years old.  The vibration of original, pure water, amplified by the surrounding quartz, is powerfully healing.


This specimen has a mystic blend of beautiful lilac amethyst and imbued with remarkable phantoms - the brownish to reddish colored clay that was frozen inside the quartz as it was crystallizing.  These streamers are very easy to see, when you hold this up to a light source and look through it, it is very beautiful and fascinating!


Due to the fact that the pyramidal and prism faces have a skeletal form which gives them the appearance of a window, they are also called "Fenster" (German word for window) and are often double terminated or presented in scepter forms.


How was it mined?


Brandberg crystals are found only in this inhospitable and dry section of the Namib Desert, the oldest desert in the world.  Brandberg Region is considered by the locals as a sacred and spiritual site full of history and great significance to the San (or Bushmen) Tribes who sheltered there and rendered over 48,000 paintings and engravings withing its overhanging rocks and caves.  The plains in the Brandberg region are full of mysterious Welwitschia mirabilis of thousand years old, a sacred plant in a sacred place.


Coping in a harsh desert environment, local miners must bring supplies, food and water to sustain themselves through weeks of digging, special care must be taken to avoid the venomous scorpions.  As the surface stones are becoming much harder to find, miners are now digging deeper and working harder to unearth more of these magical Brandberg crystals from further down.  And this is why Brandberg crystals are so rare and scarce, only little would be permitted for exports by the Namibia government.


The Brandberg is an isolated massif reaching 2606 meters (8550 feet), and rises much higher than any other feature for hundreds of kilometers around.  It is composed of a single mass of granite that rose through the Earth's crust some 120 million years ago.


Healing Properties:


Enhydro is a meditation stone of acceptance and unquestioned love.  They relieve doubt, restore faith, provide self-confidence and bring peace and loving acceptance to relationships plagued by doubt, distrust, and worry.