Dogtooth Calcite on Specularite and Quartz from Daye Copper Mine

Dimension: 10.2cm x 6.7cm x 3.5cm

Weight: 127g

Locality: Fengjiashan Mine, Edong, Daye, Huangshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, China


The Daye Copper Mine is known for its Calcite and Chalcopyrite combination specimens and this is one rather rare and unique piece with exquisite balance in the size range.  Translucent Dogtooth Calcite crystals rise abruptly from this formidable specimen.  The crystals are in perfect condition, doubly terminated and have a pronounced red Hematite tinted tip!  This top quality piece is rounded out by clusters of numerous Hematite var. Specularite crystals that display varying amounts of druzy Quartz crystals deposit.  Luster of the Calcite crystals is high and the Specularite are developed as flat trigonal crystals.  They are tightly clustered and have an iridescence coating that is metallic reddish bronze.  A killer piece for the size range!

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