"Diamond" Calcite (Fluorescent) from Tonglushan Mine, Daye Co, China

"Diamond" Calcite (Fluorescent) from Tonglushan Mine, Daye Co, China

Dimension: 6.3cm x 5cm x 3.8cm

Weight: 101g

Locality: Tonglushan Mine, Daye Co., Huangshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, China


Gemmy Calcite in a light pink color from the famous Daye Co. area comprise this excellent piece.  The Calcites have matt luster and a pinkish-orange fluorescence under UV lighting (365 nm).  The locals called this the Diamond Calcite as it resembles the diamond shape.  This small deposit of about 10 years ago was quickly depleted and these are all but impossible to find anymore.  The rare and precious piece can be displayed from a number of angles, outstanding!



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