Collector’s Piece: Rare Silky Azurite from Liufengshan Mine, China

Collector’s Piece: Rare Silky Azurite from Liufengshan Mine, China

Dimension: 5.8cm x 5.5cm x 2.7cm

Weight: 76g

Locality: Liufengshan Mine, Guichi District, Chizhou, Anhui, China


This is a very rare piece of Azurite specimen!  It is a new species (and very limited) discovered from the 2020 Azurite vein in the famed Liufengshan Mine, China.  The piece has a velvety, silkly luster and it shines like a gorgeous layer of silk, breathtaking!  If you look closer, you can see hundreds of tiny bladed Azurite crystals interlinked to form as rosette spheres densely grown on the Malachite matrix, outstanding.  I only have one piece of this species acquired from the 2020’s lot, I had once seen a larger piece of this kind but it was too expensive so I didn’t get it.  The silky appearance gives it a “wet” look when turned in light, so stunning.  Comes with a high quality copper-wired display stand as pictured.


Excavated fom the most beautiful 2020 Azurite vein ever discovered in the Liufengshan Mine of China, sadly the vein has already been exhausted.  The quality and colors of the Azurite mined from this vein are insanely good and we have never seen something like this before. The good ones are very limited, luckily because of our well-maintained relationships with the miners, I have secured the best pieces of all.


Liufengshan Mine is well-known for two types of Azurite – extremely crystallized Azurite of which the crystals are usually of a larger size and are thicker; Azurite with Chrysocolla and Malachite pseudomorph which shows a dazzling range of colors and a significantly bright blue Azurite.