Collector's Piece: Quartz with Hematite var. Specularite from Jinlong Hill

Dimension: 11.9cm x 9cm x 7.2cm

Weight: 448g

Locality: Jinlong Hill, Longchuan Co. (Lungchuan Co.), Heyuan, Guangdong, China


Impressive, large specimen of Limonite Coated Quartz with Hematite var. Specularite from Jinlong Hill, Heyuan, Guangdong, China.  The striking yellow color coating is owed to an iron oxide coating called Limonite, a representative characteristic of Quartz specimens from the Jinlong Mine.  Sometimes the Quartz crystals from this locale show iron staining that gets heavier towards the tips showcasing a rich orange / orange-brown color.  The exposed surfaces show that the center of the Quartz crystals are crystal clear.  A few classic Hematite "iron roses" embedded on the matrix are a fine accent.  This is an exotic, highly representative richly colored combination that can be displayed 360-degree!


What is Limonite?


There are three main types of iron ore - Hematite, Magnetite, and Limonite.  Limonite usually occurs as a secondary material, formed from the weathering of Hematite.  Throughout history it has been one of the most important pigments for creating paints in the yellow to brown color range known as ocher.

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