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    Collector's Piece: Gypsum wrapped Brochantite on Dolomite from Morocco

    Dimension: 10.4cm x 5.5cm x 4.8cm

    Weight: 298g

    Locality: Touissit, Touissit-Bou Beker District, Jerada Province, L'oriental Region, Morocco


    A spectacular museum quality Gypsum wrapped Brochantite specimen from Touissit-Bou Beker, L'oriental Region, Morocco.  Optic clear Gypsum var. Selenite completely coated the Brochantite, on a light reddish brown matrix of Ferroan Dolomite.  The spherical shaped Brochantite crystals are in the finest vivid turquoise blue color, contrasting nicely against the rugged geography of the Dolomite.  A winning collector's piece and rare as the mines operated by the Compagnie Minière de Touissit were shut down in 2002.