Collector’s Piece: Galena, Sphalerite var. Marmatite, Quartz, Pyrite, Dolomite

Dimension: 6.5cm x 3.8cm x 3.5cm

Weight: 85g

Locality: Dongxiang Co., Fuzhou Prefecture, Jiangxi Province, China


A rare find from Dongxiang Co., Jiangxi, China of this brassy, metallic-silver specimen of Galena with an aesthetic association of lustrous Clear Quartz Points, Sphalerite var. Marmatite, Dolomite, Dolomite, Pyrite and Chalcopyrite.  It is sparkly and shiny 360 degree.  A top quality showy specimen not to be missed!


Marmatite is an opaque black Iron-rich variety of Sphalerite.  Named from the German word marmatit originated from the occurance at the Marmato Mining District, Mun. de Salamina, Caldas Department, Colombia. 


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