Collector’s Piece: Fluorite with Quartz and Epidote from Yaogangxian Mine

Collector’s Piece: Fluorite with Quartz and Epidote from Yaogangxian Mine

Dimension: 5.1cm x 3.5cm x 3.3cm

Weight: 42g

Locality: Yaogangxian Mine, Yaogangxian W-Sn ore field, Yizhang Co., Chenzhou, Hunan, China


This is a very rare Yaogangxian Fluorite example as it displays modified octahedral crystal form with cleavage marks presented, forming complex and interesting crystal aggregates.  The cleavage fragments are flat, triangular shaped and the Fluorite is intergrown in another forming penetration twins, in the most desired deep purple color, wonderful!  Additionally, there is a carpet of small Quartz Points rolling over the Fluorite cluster, they are glass-clear, exceedingly lustrous and perfectly terminated.  Some tiny green Epidote microcrystals aesthetically dusted the piece in places, adding real pizzazz to the piece, mesmerizing!  The photos don’t do it justice as the specimen is way more beautiful in person.  Excavated in 2005, I would say this level of Yaogangxian materials do not exist now.  Comes with a high quality acrylic display box.


Yaogangxian mine produces some of the world's top quality Fluorite specimens and the area had already been shut down for mining for years. Specimens from this locality are now very sort after by mineral collectors around the world. I can no longer acquire new Yaogangxian specimens from the source because the price has tripled. Luckily we had acquired a decent quantity of the best pieces back in 2004-2005, some of them had been kept as my father’s personal Yaogangxian collections. I highly recommend everyone to at least collect one Yaogangxian piece because this locality is just too remarkable and important.


Fluorite's Maintenance Advice:


Fluorite is extremely susceptible to sunlight, some colours fade slower than others, but they all fade under sunlight. The effect also happens under normal halogen light. Therefore keep Fluorite in a darker part of the home, away from direct sunlight unless it needs to be cleansed and charged. To cleanse and charge Fluorite, just pop it on a windowsill out of direct sunlight or even on a cloudy day for 10 minutes. If it doesn't feel like that is enough, you can use reiki or sound too.