Collector’s Piece: Calcite on Calcite from Daye Copper Mine

Collector’s Piece: Calcite on Calcite from Daye Copper Mine

Dimension: 8.3cm x 7.8cm x 4.6cm

Weight: 287g

Locality: Tonglushan Mine, Daye Co., Huangshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, China


Excavated in October 2020, this is another unique small pocket discovery of the world-class Daye Copper Mine.  It features exceedingly gemmy and lustrous 2nd generation Calcite discs perched onto the Dogtooth Calcite embedded in between the top layer Calcite discs and the bottom layer of matrix.  Cascading down the terminations of the formerly formed red Hematite tinted Dogtooth Calcite, it is amazing such a thing survived being found and cut out of the harsh and complex environment of the Daye Copper mine.  The vitreous luster, the contrasting colors and the complex form of the Calcite make this a winning display piece.  Comes with a high quality copper wired display stand as pictured.


I have acquired 3 pieces from my miner’s friend and this is the best of the lot, out of the 9 pieces that he’d shown me.  The other pieces are too heavily damaged, sadly I cannot (nor my miner’s friends) gaurantee any future discoveries of the same as the uniqueness of Daye Copper Mine lies in its complete in variety but of small reserves of high quality minerals.