Calcite Stalagmite from Wenshan Mine, Yunnan, China

Calcite Stalagmite from Wenshan Mine, Yunnan, China

Dimension: 5cm x 3.9cm x 3.4cm

Weight: 69g

Locality: Wenshan Mine, Wenshan Co., Wenshan, Yunnan, China


A fantastic looking Calcite Stalagmite from the November 2019's finds at Wenshan, famous for an amazing variety of cave Calcites and other world-class minerals like Hemimorphites and Aragonites.  This striking and unique piece looks like planets linked to each other!  It has a rich cinnamon-brown color due to the iron-oxide nature of the Calcite.  The patches of white color in the photos are not scratches but its extraordinary refractive quality which add real pizzazz to the piece.  In perfect condition, very rare given the harsh geological environments of the Wenshan cave!  Check out the video although the color is way more vibrant and rich in person, but you can see how it sparkles when turned in light.


Microcrystalline type of Calcite in globular form is found in certain regions. They forms from precipitating calcium-rich water inside caverns or on limestone cliffs which exists in the forms of stalactites, stalagmites, flowstone, and globular growths.